Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dear Diary | The Art of Silence

Yea too. 
At least I think I do. ...sometimes. 

You know that awkward moment when you tell someone what's on your mind..
you don't expect anything grand in response but a little bit of you hopes for something?
but instead of words you hear crickets?

Yea. ..that'll do  it. 

I was once soo good at saying nothing. 
Until some months ago, when I was re-programmed to pour it all out. 
..which works for me honestly. I'm less stressed. I swear. 
& because I know that being expressive doesn't warrant positive responses just because I've decided to take on a new soul cleansing regimen ...I make sure to weigh all possible outcomes instead of setting my heart on one. If I know that I can live with whatever the turnout may be ...I'll jump ship. No hesitation. 
& even if I feel that it'll leave me scarred ...I still jump. 

I'm not a glutton for pain or anything ..I just find that I get more out of freeing myself of certain thoughts. 
 & I always fear regretting the things that I never said. 

But I've come to find that I kick myself less for saying things that I feel ...and more for who I say them to. 

So, to certain people ...yes, maybe I do say too much. 
[..still no regrets ..just a tap on the noggin.]
...Is there an app for that??

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