Thursday, January 27, 2011

A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.

You lucky little monsters... ;) 
Many of you guys will be enjoying this day in bed, while I am tightening my glutes and hamstrings trying to make it through this snow. No fret though. 
I honestly need to be at work .. Bills don't pay themselves. 
& if I'm not there, I'd be here yapping to you guys all day.
Begging you to vote vote vote!!!! ;) [plug]

Since I'm 100% sure that my store will be a ghost town, to liven things up I've decided to wear an aztec print turban today. Colors make me happy. ..& since there won't be any colorful people to run after ..I'm forced to have a party on my head. 

..How do you guys feel about this trend?
Love? Hate? ...(-_- No Comment?

[quote: Carl Reiner]


TheGoldenGuns said...

I Am OBSESSED With The Turban Trend! & Especially The One Depicted In The Above Photo. [She Better Work!] Turbans/Head Wraps Have Rescued Me From So Many Potentially Detrimental Bad Hair Days That I Cannot Help But To Love Them! The Brighter & Bigger, The Better! (My Opinion)

Arre said...

I love them too!!! Sooo preetttty lol