Monday, January 31, 2011

Dear Diary | A Penny For My Thoughts

"This is not the best day for struggling against the universe -- it's got a plan for you and you just have to go along with it for the time being. You may find yourself in a much more interesting place!"

I mean, I guess. I've been hearing that last line a lot lately. 
Well, I've actually just been reading it a lot and trust, it's easier read then done. ..It's funny because I woke up feeling "weird". Against the world. As if something's missing. Or like I'm fighting on the inside. me kooky. It just feels as if something's brewing. Some kind of 'upset stew'. All of the ingredients aren't in the pot but the seasoning's filling my nose [figuratively, of course] - so something's in the works. Or wants to be. ..I won't let it. [just allow me to ramble]. 

Today's supposed to be my day off, but I'm going in. My coworker's feeling ill and I actually love being at that store. It kills me. I guess because it's soo free. We're about our business - we make our sales but the vibe is very chill. We have a mini cafe - so the espresso flow is non-stop. && there's always  reason to laugh. ALWAYS. 

&& the music's right. ALL THE TIME. ...I cannot stand around for 8 hours listening to techno. I've done that before and I swear I wanted to just die. - so at my store, Rihanna, Lauryn Hill, Badu, Winehouse [all the cool people lol] keeps me sane. All I really want is a few lyrics.  A hook. A bridge. ...You know?

this works

Guess I'll go make breakfast & get to this day now..
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