Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dear Diary | Music Moves Me ..Like Paintings, Dance and Movies ..but BETTER.

For me, listening to music is like taking a flight. 
With better perks. 
Unlike AA, Delta and Caribbean Airlines [just throwing some out there]
Your iPod, Zune or Pandora Station can take you back- in time. 
It can take you to a future that you've only ever hoped for. 
&& like the rest, allow you to simply soak up the present moment - in which the song plays. 

I heard a song last night that flew me back to a time in September. 
The events of that day were clear to me as if it'd just happened the day before. 
The emotions I felt that night, knocked on the door of my heart wanting to be remembered. 
I let them in. 

Music is such a powerful form of art. 
I, at times, wish that I could write each and every artist who sits in my clef shaped scrapbook.
[this only exists in my head]
I think they'd love to know that they'd be carried in my heart, my mind, my world, forever
due to a certain sequence of events and perfect timing of the perfect song. 

don't you think..

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