Monday, December 20, 2010

Fashion File | Aly F.

How fortunate am I to have such a stylish lil sis? Alyssa Francois [or Aly F. as she prefers] isn't my sis by blood but I've known her for years and we have an unbreakable bond. I am always inspired by her positive attitude, consistent growth and drive! ...& because I love her style, I've pulled her file!

What do you do?:
Blogger of The Exhibit A, Intern, Men's Sales Associate at Scoop NYC and Fashion Student

What are your favorite fashion blogs?:
This one! whowhatwear, Refinery29, Garance Dore.

What are you wearing?:
Zara blouse, H&M leather pants, BCBG pumps, F21 accessories.

Style Mantra:
"You Can Have Anything You Want In Life If You Dress For It"- Edith Head

Life Mantra: 
"If You Don't Pick a Direction, Life Will Just Hand You Any Old Thing"- Anon

One song that exemplifies your style:
I'm an old soul, growing up my parents always sang to me "You're So Vain" by Carly Simon of the 1970's. They sang it to me especially when I would put on my mom's clothes and makeup and play dress up. 
Typical girly-girl.

Someone you look up to & why?:
After my mom, grandmother and others, Tracee Ellis Ross. She is a strong,stylish, talented black woman who isn't afraid to laugh at her self. Fearless.

What drives you, creatively?:
My Grandmothers Closet and photo albums. Seriously, I'd go to her house,take all her jewelry and wear it with a modern twist. I'd raid her albums and channel my mom's style, I love channeling the past. Other than that Music + Art of any era.

If you could wear one thing everyday, what would it be? & Why?:
My new black Marc by Marc Jacobs chain bag, it looks like a Chanel and it will be my Chanel until I get one. It goes with everything. Haven't worn it yet but I can't wait!!

You feel your best when..:
I'm dolled up. When I dress good, I feel good. It's my form of expression.

In your past life, you were..:
A lady named Rosie from Grenada. My mom and Grandmother called me Rosie every time I got dressed. They said she was the hottest thing in their day, heels, jewelry, she was always dressed to a T! They would hear her bangles jingling blocks away.


p.s. Be sure to visit her blog = lots of goodies ;)

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