Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dear Diary | Let's Reflect

This is usually the time of year when most people sit down and reflect on "what was" during the past 11 months and begin planning for what they hope to be at the start of the new year. 
I'm one of them. 
Although at the beginning of December I found myself super annoyed by my Twitter timeline. 
Everyone just all of a sudden got stung by the "letting alot of people go" and "next year is mine" bugs. 
I couldn't take it. 
I wondered if it was a result of the changing moon. Honestly. 
How is the entire world just all of a sudden liberated on the 1st of December!? It's sooo cliche. #rant

But anyway, I've done my share of thinking. 
I'm not sure how 2010 has affected you guys but it's been a marvelous year & I don't ever recall saying that. 
I would deem 2010 to be the beginning of the rest of my life. I've grown in ways that I didn't expect. I've met great people and I've lost a few people who were also great [we simply weren't great for each other]. I've loved, shaved my head, shared, dyed and distressed, partied, sanginmymirrorsansclothing, cried my eyes out, laughed until my stomach cramped, stayed up until the crack of dawn, slept in, had sleepovers, bought a fish, dressed up, posed, ran in the rain, layed in the sun, took photos of lightning, took photos of the sun rising, got lost in the sunset, road a bike, kissed, enjoyed art, cooked and failed, cooked and nailed it!, baked, went on a million interviews, ate vegan food O_o, DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and what felt like everything all in a matter of months. I've LIVED more in 2010 than any other year. & I only see myself getting better at it. 

For 2011!?
I want to do it all over again and then some! 
I anticipate the start of great, lasting relationships. A bomb job to kick start my career. Lots of traveling. An abundant amount of creative energy. I want and need to be inspired daily. Good Habits. EXCELLENT Money Management Skills :-\. To remain the love bug that I am [I really pity folk with no heart]. I simply wish to take heed to all of  this years lessons and to make better mistakes [because there is no life without mistakes therefore they should be nothing short of fab lol]. I want to thrive and I want the same for all of those who I hold dear to my heart. I  want us, beautiful dreamers, to make the best out of our reality and make noise. Whether it's through our music, our blogs, clothing designs, whatever. There is something in the world for all of us to have but we have to take it. Prove our worth. I want us to know our worth and to never allow anyone to sell us anything different than what we know to be true. Truth being: We're all great and we're all deserving. No one can ever take from us what we don't willingly give away. 
Know who you are = Keep your power. 

-Stay Golden-

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