Monday, December 27, 2010

Dear Diary | Channel: E!

One thing I plan to work on [now and through out the New Year] is keeping a cool head, ..when it matters. 
Because see, you have to be a special type of person to anger me. A situation has to be unique in order for my feathers to be ruffled. & seeing as though I come across very few "special people" and unique situations I am almost always cool calm and collected. 

It annoys me to pieces that I blow up, and go through this mild rage when I'm dealing with an issue that sits close to my heart. However, I do applaud myself for speaking up because some folk aren't as mouthy. I just happen to be very passionate and when affected by something [good or bad], my exertion goes through the roof. 

I don't want to rid myself of that trait. I don't think it's horrible. I'm just positive that there are better ways to channel your negative emotions besides cursing and carrying on lol. It makes me feel silly once I'm done. 
It's comparable to the crashing feeling you get after drinking a 5 Hour Energy drink. -_-
Over It. 


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