Saturday, November 6, 2010

Now Playing | Chrisette Michele - I'm A Star

I first heard this song on The Monique Show. 
It moved me a little bit but didn't come off as super smooth and clean as it does on the video. 
Asides from the words, I think the looks are really cool! 
Kudos to June Ambrose. 
I have my own way of donning a turban but I like hers better. 
Will try.

I also love how confident Chrisette Michele is. She was saying on The Monique Show that she didn't always feel great in her skin. But she's clearly become one with herself. She's gone natural [though that seems to be the new wave] because she wants to be healthy all around "I thought I'd start from the top and work my way down". ...Curvy and all, she works those pieces in her video. From day one, I've always said "this girl sure can strut". ...& she really can. Chrisette WALKS. Love her energy.

" a smile on my pretty mug"

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