Thursday, November 4, 2010

Now Playing | Beyonce - Once In A Lifetime

I always joke to my friends that in my past life, I was an uber stylish old lady with hippie tendencies and a loove for old soul music. ..Though I joke, I'm almost very convinced. 
Idk what it is about oldies that I love soo much but these songs literally sweep me off of my feet. 
Mainly all of the old songs that I remember hearing as a child were love songs. Real love songs. 
Not to disrespect today's artists but umm, the love songs that we hear today are all sorts of generic. Store brand. ...At least when compared to music from my grandparents' days. 
The songs from back then paint a different picture of love [one that I can't quite put into words] with heart warming melodies. When they were sad, you damn near cried. && those jovial tunes were certain to pull you out of your seat and have you shaking not one leg, but two *smiles to self*. We have fun love songs these days but it isn't the same kind of happy. [...I don't think so]

I've listened to this particular song a little over 7 times since Cadillac Records went off some hours ago.
& because of this, I'm sharing it with you guys. 

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