Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dear Diary | Is This Thing On...

I often wish I could sing. 
Picture me, belting out my heart's poems.
Changing the name of my thoughts to chorus and verse
then calling it a song
Picture me, outside on a tree throwing rocks at his window
serenading my beau
or riding the metro
pride's been let go
I'm now serenading some Joe
a few of them
& what do ya know? ...Janes too!
a slew of them
& not because I'm apart of a basketball team
or for the sake of staying out of trouble
I just want to snap my fingers and clap my hands
move real slow then finish with a tantalizing stanze
picture me...
& if that should garner me some fans and they want a flick of me
Place some money in my hands 
Give a grip to me?
I'd sing about the times when I ever gave a shit
The days of over flowing feelings that were spilling through my lips
"na'an, keep your money" I'd say 
"I'm not doing it for this"
then they'd ask why...
stunned face. their minds jogging. 
& I'd sing
"some things ...just aren't meant for blogging".
then..I'd hit the street
humming as I pass the police on the beat
picture me
singing about singing as I picture me
sometimes I really wish I could...


Miss ED said...

Sometimes, there just isn't a good way to respond to your posts, but I will definitely try to at least say that I enjoyed reading this :)

Tierra/aRRe said...

really? It is on my end? or lack of time?

I appreciate your consistent following ;)..Happy you enjoyed my poem as well!!

Miss ED said...

Not at all on your end or time, just the words escape me because you write some great things and I don't want to be all repetitive :D

Tierra/aRRe said...

aww, thank youuu ;)
speak freely, no matter what.

I'm super motivated when you guys give feedback.