Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Style Spotlight | Arre Elle

Today I took a few pics for kicks and figured I'd Spotlight my own style this week. 
Why not? ..Just assumed my followers might want to know a little bit about the girl behind the keyboard. 
So here goes..

Seeing as though, this is MY style spotlight, I had a friend ask me a few fashion and style related questions. 
Prior to this, I attempted to interview myself and everything seemed super generic lol. 
  • Most people dress how they feel. Describe your style without using fashion terms, just using feelings. 
-Using feelings only - my style, coupled with my hair can be best described as lively and animated. I'm far from a minimalist and my friends sometimes say that I'm often "costumey" in the way that I dress. I like to make fashion fun and would rather be "costumey" than Doug Funny boring [see his wardrobe].

  • If you could wear one thing everyday what would it be?
- If I could wear one thing everyday it'd have to be the one thing that I wear ALMOST everyday. My high-waisted & distressed Levis shorts. Why? I love the way they compliment just about everything in my closet. Not to mention, I love to show my legs and they look extra long whenever I wear these shorts. ;)

  • What's one thing you hated wearing when you were younger that you wish you had now?
- When I was younger I was notorious for sporting a high ponytail with a ribbon and I hated it. I loved the ponytail, hated the accessory. Now, If I could slap my old length back on my head from time to time, I'd soo wear that hairstyle.

  • What is the new black?
- Denim is the new black. It was a big thing last season and it seems to be a big thing for this season as well. Not to mention, you can pair it with anything. The amount of looks you can create with one denim shirt is  ridiculous. [look out for that post, btw].

  • What is more important to you, looking good or looking like you're living good?
-Everyone wants to look good, but looking like you're living good is literally where the money's at. I'd rather have some pretty pennies in my wallet and appear to have more as opposed to having a look that screams Cute and Broke whenever I look in the mirror [folks may not know the truth, but you will]. ..You can look as if you're living fabulous as long as you know how to pair your pieces and people will never know that you're GLAM top or bottom or 'Fit was from a thrift shop. me ;)

  • Fashion wise, at what age did you decide who you were?
-I pretty much knew who I was, or who I'd be before I even hit double digits. I loved to draw as a little girl and my pictures always consisted of little girls in name brand clothing. I was into fashion at a very young age. I wore a uniform to school for a little bit of my adolescence but when I got home the floor was mine. I didn't quite know who I was then, but essentially, I knew that fashion was it for me. I guess you can say I found myself once I hit HS. I had a job, no bills. I SHOPPED. && SHOPPED. && cut up clothes to my liking. SHOPPED more. and if I should say so myself, I was quite innovative. Prior to HS,  we all looked alike with our Airmax 95s and Reebok 5411's - North Face coats and Vanson leather jackets. I had a different attitude, style wise. I at times played with trends but even then I dressed for me.

  • Are you looking to have a career in fashion, and if so what sector of the industry?
-My ultimate goal is to become a wardrobe stylist. I've dabbled with that idea forever and a day and I am now working toward making my dream come true. I love to write as much as I love pairing pieces so asides from being a stylist, I'd also like to have my own magazine. Luckily for me, these two fields coincide. I'd love to style the shoots for the magazine that I run. Sounds like a handful but it's my dream. ;)

  • Who/What do you often look to for inspiration when putting together looks?
-Whenever I'm having trouble putting together a look or I simply need something to give me a jump start, I almost always go to before I go anywhere else. That's one of my favorite sites simply because it's super informative and not solely made up of pictures as I often find fashion sites to be. ...If  WWW fails, & The Satorialist as well, then I'll simply do a Google image search of my fave celebs [i.e. Genevieve Jones, Solange, ..I recently fell in love with Drew Barrymore, The Olsens, Chloe Sevigny ..I can go on and on].

  • What websites do you use when shopping online?
I WINDOWS shop [get it? ..PC. Windows. ?] lol. I don't usually purchase items online because I don't have patience. If I ever want to buy something, I'm often in drool mode. Therefore, I need to go to the store, snag, and wear. ..My last online purchase was a studded leather jacket from and I almost died waiting for it. lol.

  • Re: fashion, what's one quote that you love to live by?
- One quote that I love to live by happens to be one of my own - "Let your clothes say what your heart can't." No matter what, dress how you feel. You won't find a million people that adore your look but there's always one person who will and only one person who should. ...YOU.



Tee, @TheGoldenGuns said...

GREAT FUCKING POST! (Sorry For Being Vulgar, But That's Just Me!) You're One Hell Of A Girl Arre! And Just Like Those Chicken Soup Books I Used To Read In JHS, You Served My Soul Right! Keep Up The Great Work. You Have Drive & I Don't See A Flat Tire Anywhere In Your Future Girl! <3

Tierra/aRRe said...

This touched me Tee! Thank you so much! I appreciate your support more than you know!! We're both that dope!

n@trice said...

2 thumbs up