Wednesday, September 15, 2010

D R E A M.

I plan to be in Manhattan, living in my high rise apartment at 28, with a name that rings more bells than one. 
A style maven known for creating coveted looks. I'll be in Europe, Africa, Asia etc. - on location! ..with my very own style team. I'll have the malti-poo that I've always wanted. He'd be brown/black. Maybe, brown and black. [shrugs] & I'd name him King. I'll be the owner of a platinum Mercedes Benz G-Wagon that I'll call Izzy [if you know me well, you'll instantly know why]. I'll be happy and in love - with myself, my career, and God willingly with someone else ;) 

Where will you be? 


maiah said...

love this so, so much. beautiful blog. found it because you're featured as one of the most stylish people on nymag today :) congrats, and again, lovely blog!

S. Frederick said...

I second Maiah's comment... and I'm almost 28 - almost accomplishing a lot of my goals - almost content, but never static with life... feel me?

Tierra/aRRe said...

I really appreciate you guys! Thanks! & I hope you continue to follow.

Much luck and success to you Mr. Frederick. see you at the top ;)

Miss ED said...

I have no idea where I will be! The last time I entertained a 5-year goal it failed miserably, which is to say I'm not in fact working at a fabulous architecture office :( a girl can keep dreaming and pushing for that moment, though :D

Tierra/aRRe said...

Indeed!! & you will def. make it!!