Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sincerely, Chris Thom

I have to make a confession that I spend all too much time going through and through your blogsite and your Facebook and honestly you inspire me. I'll always be your biggest fan and supporter. Your life really is amazing and I thank you for what you do for me..

As I went through my Facebook mail, I noticed a message from a friend of mine - Chris. We hadn't spoken in some time prior to me receiving this but I was really happy to know that,  though we hadn't kept in touch through our usual bbm's, he's been keeping up w| me through my blog ;) 

& of course aside from that, I am beyond touched by his kind words. My biggest goal for this blog isn't to bring you the latest fashion and trends or to provide tips on how to piece looks etc. You guys can get that from anywhere. But the odds of one going to every blog and feeling inspired by the author[s] are very slim. ...My biggest goal is to inspire my readers daily! ..because I'm inspired daily. & if I wasn't, I don't think I'd be able to express myself freely and creatively. I'm blessed, for that isn't the case. 

I adore you guys who read my blog and I thank you for your continuing support and constant feedback. It makes me better. & keeps me inspired to do what I love. <3 [see, this is tit for tat]


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