Sunday, July 25, 2010

Clique-itty Clack

How horrible of me to forget where I found this spread. >_<
I tend to save a helluva lot of pics on my comp, usually under a name hinting toward where it's from but that wasn't quite the case this time around. ..Furthermore, when I first spotted these editorial flicks I had an instant high school flashback. - I was never in a clique, never the cliquey type but there were many in my school and likewise for you, I'm sure. 

Seeing these groups of girls made me wonder where and with whom I'd be grouped with, say I decided to create/or join my own 3-5 chick sorority. The answer has been pretty hard to find. I'd like to think that I'm as pristine as the Leather-ettes yet as cool as the DNM Debs. I possess enough "tough" to be an Army Brat and def. enough 'tude for the Geo Drama Queens. I can totally show out, pose' up and strut my stuff w| the Glitterati trio ...but my personality goes beyond the frilly stuff. I'm soft, emo and super poetic. ...much like those of Mizz-pLACEd

I'm a mash up of many personalities. I like to dabble in all realms. Therefore, I'll stick to being Miss Congeniality. ;) 


Anna Lager University


[DNM Debs]

[Army Bratz]

[Geo-Drama Queens]





Miss ED said...

I can't ever figure out where I fit either, these pics are pretty great though, I wish my past school's cliques were half this cool..

Ripped Nylon

Tierra/aRRe said...