Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Kid On The Block | Da Vibe Magazine

It isn't too often you'll find a post on The Erra of Arre focusing on an entertainment magazine [hence my title] but after doing my research, I've concluded Da Vibe Magazine to be down with the cool kids. 
& no, not solely because Jay-Z cover's one of their issues [grin] but because many of my other faves do as well! 

I was recently thinking to myself, "it's time to venture out and support my urban publications."
 Elle, Teen Vogue, and all those affiliated with the fashion mag clique will forever rock in my book but they're used for fashion references only [i.e. what's new in trends, designers, fashion Eds and that whole sha-bang]. I find them to be sort of skimpy on the reading material and seeing as though, for the majority of my life, I've lived in Brooklyn [a very urban area], I think it'd be pretty wise to invest in publications that feature artists who make music representing where I come from. 

Da Vibe Magazine has been in print for 3 years, shooting and featuring major artists who visit Paris for tours, shows, and promotion & has grown to be the #1 urban magazine covering all things music and fashion

 Above is their exclusive double cover issue, featuring R&B recording artist Trey Songz and Hip-Hop's phenomenal newbie, Drake. #candy!!

Now this iiis a Paris based publication, but readers in the U.S. and other international countries will also be able to order the magazine. 
& go to for more info or to simply catch up on all of their exclusives. 

...after you check out this cool video by Kid Cudi featuring Rostam Batmanglij and Betany Cosentino.
Song Title: All Summer


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