Monday, May 31, 2010

Style Spotlight: Karen Blanchard

A few days ago [maybe a week] I summed up my style and mentioned my love for comfortability, above all else. Today as I was blog hopping I found someone who, from the looks of her fashions, share the same sentiments. 

I became a fan of Karen Blanchard's style upon first sight of the pic above. 
She often pairs fussy pieces like sequin, lace or metallics with less dramatic pieces like sweat pants or loose fitting jersey tanks/tees which make for a perfect palette of effortless chic.

[jumpsuit: H&M]
I gagged when I saw on her blog that her jumpsuit was from H&M! ...where the heck was I!?

I think whatever you are putting out there whether it’s negative or positive, the universe will match it. If there is something you want to do, the universe waits for you to make those first couple of steps and then it comes to you and starts to match what you want, as oppossed to sitting around with your arms crossed, doing nothing.
-Karen Blanchard

Another thing that blew me away was her ability to find the greatest things at Forever 21.
The shoes that you see above are from there and I can't for the life of me understand why I'm never this lucky lol. ...I say this moreso because we wear the same size shoe [which is not tiny - and poses a huge challenge in stores like this].
Well actually, I've been lucky about twice - but at a Queens mall. I don't get much shoe love from F21's that are located in The City.

For more on Karen's style, get into this video by  and head over to her blog 
where you can also shop her closet [pieces are very well priced]



lawren said...

i saw the leather overall's at the h&m on 34th and 7th... like a few days ago on sale. so you might get lucky! have a nice day!

Tierra/aRRe said...

omg!! LAWRENNN! ILY. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I want them soo bad!


Karen said...

OMG! Thanks for this! I ran across that page a couple of months and thought I bookmarked it and never saw it until today!! Did you check out her shop she sells her used clothes for cheap and you might have a chance since the both of y'all are itty bity :) Her shoes are to DIE for, but her feet is too big :(

Tierra/aRRe said...

@ Karen - yes girl! I did! ..Ive come across many blogger owned shops and I can honestly say that thus far, her closet is the only one that I'm dying to raid. ...Her feet are on the big side, mine too :\, I don't feel soo bad when I see her shoes tho. I want 'em all lol!!

Thanks for reading xo

@MockTheMundane said...

Omg, Arre. Thanks A Lot! Now I'm Obsessed With Yet Another Style Maven! Her Style Is Dope. & That Accent!!! How Can I Not Love Her. Watched The Vid & I Need Everything In That Closet Of Hers.

Tierra/aRRe said...

Welcome Tee ;) ...she has a shop on her blog so you can shop her closet anytime