Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New York Pretty

I moved to Atlanta when I was 10 and headed back North 2 years later. ...I may have been young with little to no experience as a New Yorker, but I knew at an early age that there was definitely no place like home.

Born and raised here, I've loved this place way before I truly understood it's endless possibilities. Leaving again is unfathomable. It makes sense to close up shop for a vacation but writing a farewell letter to Lady Liberty I just can't do. 

My ultimate goal is to have an apartment in Manhattan [preferably Soho, Tribeca, MePa, or the Upper East]. & I expect it to come to fruition by either next year or when I turn 25 [I'm 23]. I don't need a home anywhere else but if my cards allow it - I may play that hand. ...or maybe not. I like the feeling of being a tourist - that's what traveling's all about. 

[& here's mom ;)]
lol, ... I know! 


Cocò (daddysneatness) said...

really lovely streetstyle! Great work! Xoxo

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey T :)

WEORK Ladies, weork!!!!! Y'all look nice :) I would like to either move to LA or Chicago..... :)

Also, I gave you a "Chic Chick" blog awrd :) Hve a fab day :)

Tierra/aRRe said...

Hey T!!

Thanks for the love!! and the award!!

..lets make it happen! [the big move]

...@ COCO - Thanks So Much <3

Anonymous said...