Friday, April 9, 2010

Piercing Beauty

I usually cringe at the sight of any piercing that isn't the traditional 'ultra tiny' hole in your ear. 
& it isn't because it's ugly, it's the thought of how much pain one must have gone through that gets me worked up.

Recently, after discussing different options with a friend of mine, I actually played with the thought of getting a microderm implant.

When I first saw a pic of what it looked like, I was down. It's really cute. 
But I'm no fool. Everything under the sun started running through my mind, like "Is the process quick?" "what the hell is the process, anyway?" I am NOT a fan of pain [..but I have tats "/] 

...Anyway, I went straight to YOUTUBE. && from there, I threw in the towel. lol

I could barely watch this video without squirming and covering my eyes so the odds of me sitting still, while my neck's being ripped a new one, are quite slim.
..but for some reason I feel I may be able to take one in my finger. I think I'm equipped to handle that much.
we'll see.

I initially began this post with this pic in mind. I love this too, alot. It doesn't look like it'd be painful at all and if I wasn't so insatiable, I'd consider getting this as well. 

..What do you guys think about the Microderm Implant? ...Could you stomach it?


Tuesdai Noelle said...

Ahaha, I read what you said, and the second I saw the yellow...I paused and never returned, smh. And I say NO. But then again im anti-tattoos anyways.

Have a fab weekend.

JWILL P said...