Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Orange You LOVELEE

[Photo: WhoWhatWear]

I'm not really one to wear lipstick but oddly enough, I love an orange lip.
I've played with red but I don't find it to compliment me the way that I'd like, and it is insanely fussy.
I like fun. & I find orange lipstick to provide the goodtime that I am always in search of.

While shopping for hair products one day, I spotted an orange lipstick and decided to buy it.
It was hella cheap but at the time I wasn't looking for a commitment. At most, I expected this to be a hit and quit kind of thing. I mean, like I said - lipstick isn't necessarily my cup of tea. However, once I got it home and tried it on - my heart, without skipping a beat, went buh-dump-a-bump-bump!

The friends in my head said "Hey MIKEY, she likes it!" lol! They knew no better, because I in fact loved it. 
It isn't too soft or too loud and it's totally in sync with my complexion. 

So, TODAY!! ...I will be shopping for a quality brand of lipstick in that exact shade. 
I'd keep the one I have but it has absolutely zero moisture. I'll be licking my lips skinless. 
"That, is NOT gonna pop!" [lol, my mom says that]

..Anyway, I'm off to get dressed and make the best of this day. We've been blessed with another beautiful, sunny day in NY and I want to soak up every bit of it.
I hope you guys have an equal amount of fun. 

&& let me know if you think an orange pout's a go!


Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey :)

Me and Red lipstick don't go together either! It's like mixed tacos with marshmellows, smh. But I've never tried orange lips...and probably never will aha. I'm more of the "pink lipchick" wear orange well......I say get a orange by Rimmel :) Don't they have like the BEST lipliners too?! Ummm?! Yes.

Eva hearts said...

I never wear lipstick but I love it on others! My lips are in a neutral color most of the time!