Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kelis | Rankin "Flesh Tone" Photo Shoot

My Favorite Hue is JAY-Z Blue

Aww Shit! What's That Right There? 
It seems the Lil Star Is Back!
toting extra milk for the shake [yea, I said it]
& although This Is A Stick Up, fellas, I do ask that you Keep It Down 
We both knew the Goodbyes wouldn't be forever
& Like You, I impatiently awaited her return 
but umm, for Fashion Purposes Only #noshade

Kelis has always given me life with her sense of style which as she walks, throws a Handful of obscenities from Sugar Honey Iced Tea to Fuck Them Bitches! [hair flip]

The photo that you see above is one of many that's to come from her new Rankin "Flesh Tone" photo-shoot. Many people will argue that she's biting Lady Gaga's style, but I Don't Think So! Kelis is not a biter. I see her as an innovator/creator for both herself and others. Her absence was so that she could care for her baby, not leave you dazed and confused. I gag for Gaga. Love her. But this here, she did not influence. In fact, I'd say it was the other way around. && even if not, Kelis Was Here way before Miss Bad Romance and I'm assuming she plans to stay Till The Wheels Fall Off.

...Yall cool w. that? ;)
p.s. bold typing = song title.

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