Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring 2010 Trends

It's funny how times change. Mixing Prints? ...Wasn't there a jail for people who dared to dabble with such a thing?? I'm almost positive that there was. && if possible, please get me the number to the head of their judicial system. ...I'd like to be the first to know about any other rules that we'll plan to overlook.


I've always been a free-spirit when it came to clothes. I like to wear what looks good and feels right, not necessarily what's deemed "right" by the fashion world. [hence ERRA of ARRE] I call the shots ;)

It's crazy because we're surrounded by people who fail to give a shxt and have been mixing their prints for years, only to be frowned upon and called unfashionable. 
Now, every "who's who" in the industry LIVES for the same thing that made them gag. 

*shrug* What can you say?!

My advice: Dress w. Integrity. People will love/hate you no matter what you wear, mind as well be true to yourself.

I love the way the models [above] are dressed. So much so, I decided to create a couple of looks that are inspired by the trend ;) ...to show you guys how I'd do it.

...that is the question.

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Tiffany said...

Prints are cool. You just have to find some that fit you, because certain prints arent for everybody. If I wear prints it'll only be one piece and that would be the statement. Otherwise I would never wear a full print ensemble especially mixed prints...you need to be old for that one, me I'm underspoken and shy when it comes to that lol