Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'd Love To Kiss Ya, But I've Just Washed My Hair

I've been wearing my hair in a short bowl cut style for long enough and quite frankly, I miss the bounce. 

& that's what I'm seeking ...the bounce, the health. the volume. ..All of which, without a perm.

Yes, the natural journey has begun and I am officially Curly Sue.
I pinned the sides to create a cute hawk which was higher than what you see below, before the rain had it's way with it.

[peep the orange pout]

I've decided to document my journey from start to finish. 
As I said before, I'm looking to achieve Corinne's hang time and at present the back hits the nape of my neck.
Lol, for some reason I just wanted to shout out "How Low ..Can You Go" by Luda
I'm insanely anxious.



Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey T :)

I actually LOVE the bowl cut on you....it's very unique and sassy. Everyone has "a Corinne"....but you'll more likely look pretty either way :)

Tierra "aRRe" Lee said...

Hey, thanks ;)

I love the bowl cut as well but I am honestly way too insatiable when it comes to my hair to have a style with such limitations lol

&& it's like the entire state of NY has this cut thanks to ms. Rih Rih lol

zodiac said...

your hair is so cute! i love it, keep on goin with your natural hair care journey babe!

Tierra "aRRe" Lee said...

Thanks doll face!