Monday, March 15, 2010

Hair to the Throne

After giving my hair a wash and noticing how the back [which could really use a perm] curled up, I've decided to quit perms all together and simply go natural! I've had a relaxer since I was a kid, but at that time my hair had a mind of it's own - so 'Just For Me' tamed it. && now all I want is, for me, to be free ;)

For as long as I can remember, I've been coveting a nice fluffy 'fro. There was never any way that I could watch Girlfriends without drooling over Joan's [Tracee Ellis Ross] hair. Loved her style too, of course, but her hair? Buh-nan-uz! && that's pretty much how I am feeling about Corinne Bailey Rae.o_O

I just love this look and this is the length that I'm going for. Side part, super curly! ...ugh. I can't wait. I'm expecting to have a cute lil 'fro by mid April/May. && I have loads of 'fits in mind to compliment it. ;)

Aside from Corinne Bailey Rae's hair, I also love her music. 
Below is her latest single, Paris Nights/New York Mornings.
The video's really cute - worth a peek 

Your Hair is your Crown and Glory!


Cheryl-Ann said...

Ughhhhh I Too Went Totally GAGA Over Joans Hair....I Miss Girlfriends..Joan Was So Dope..From Her Wears, Hair, & Home!

And As I Said Before...I Think You'd Do Short Hair Major Justice "GET EM" (Method Man in How High Voice) LOL

The Obsessionista said...

I love the look of big, huge fluffy curls.. but can't seem to let go of the relaxer! I'm addicted to it.. And nothing is worse than the look of relaxed hair that has been air-dried (which I have myself tried in order to attempt the fluffy curly look). Love Corrine B. Rae's look.

Tierra "aRRe" Lee said...

@Cheryl-Ann - Yes! I live for Joan. The Ross girls in general! lol @ the meth voice insert -xo

@Obsessionista - lol, air dryed, relaxed hair = no bueno! ...You can still have fluffly curls tho. I'll show you mine in a sec. ...the top is relaxed and it's fluffy - that's how I'll wear my hair until the relaxer comes out.