Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I just so happened to check out 2BD today and came across these babies once I realized there was a 2BDshop. ..I love their DIY pieces and always wondered when they were going to make them available to the public. ...Well, now they are. & these are my fave pieces.

From Top to Bottom:  Bionic Shield: $400.00 - BBBF Necklace: $38.00 - Mini Bow: $150.00
(all LBG's - Little Black Gloves - are one size fits all)

I love the necklace because its a trash talker. My love for the gloves should be quite obvious. They're gorge and simply necessary. As for the shades, they're the most innovative piece of DIY eyewear that I've seen thus far. Studs and Stones are everywhere and though they added a few studs to this piece, I am moreso grabbed by the overlapping metal fish scale and the fact that they have real diamonds. They're extremely LUXE.

Click Here to shop.