Saturday, February 6, 2010

Anne de Champigneul

This has to be the only person in the history of my research, without an onlino bio.
& it boggles me because she's everywhere and clearly popular [says her photos].
Though I am sure she does a bunch of lovely things, I do know that she's a correspondant in France for FOCUS Magazine, as well as a fundraiser for important charity galas.

I found myself interested in Anne when I noticed that she and I had something in common, our Custo blazer, which I believe goes by the name "Svetlana Gold". I hardly ever see in anyone in Custo, though I know that it is a fairly popular brand - especially in Europe.

Custo appears to be quite popular in her closet as well, seeing as though she's been photographed in many of their pieces. ...My guess, however, is that it's all for PR purposes. I mean, with her line of work, I don't suspect that I'm too far off.

As for me, ...I'm photographed in my jacket [below] with a few friends of mine.
;) HERE to shop Custo Barcelona.