Saturday, January 30, 2010

When you've known a person since they were very little, whether personally or through the media, it becomes very overwhelming to see them reaching adulthood. No?

..*waits for a Yes* ...Of course, it does! ;)
& well, this is how I feel about Ms. Dakota Fanning.
When she first started acting, she was about 6/7.
I watched her in Hide and Seek, caught up with her in I am Sam and even got a glimpse of her in The Secret Life of Bees, but that's as far as it went.

..&& Now she's 16.
I swear, I nearly clutched my pearls when I saw pics of her.

I feel like a big sis, proud and all to see her little sis grow into such a polished young woman.

She still has that innocent face, which can actually no longer be expected of a 16 year old girl these days.
Sad, but very true.
& if we must mention style, she appears to have her own sense of that as well.

I love the Editorial shots of her [below].

How H O T is she?! *currently fanning, FANNING!*


LoliTa said...

she's so cute now, almost got a bit of a gemma ward look!

aRRe said...

Definitely. She sort of gives me a yng, blonde version of Keira Knightley as well..