Friday, January 29, 2010

When Summer was here, I wanted out of the kitchen. Couldn't Take The Heat!
...Now, we're chillin' [literally] during the Winter months and I'm praying to God, asking that he whispers sweet nothings into the ears of Mother Nay. [in my Amistad voice] Give us Free!..Give us Heat!!
Lol, Humans! ...We're never satisfied. I sort of felt bad just now. I'm complaining about being cold as if I don't have a house. -_- Like there aren't loads of homeless people dying to J U S T be cold, instead of fatally frigid.


I mean, I do however, S T I L L want Spring to come [fashionable reasons only]. I'm ready to rid myself of wool coats and the oversized knitted hat [hot pink] that I got at TopShop recently. Lol, its cute. ..But I'm over it.

It's about time that I sashay in fits like the one you see above. Loose denim shorts, light-weight tees, my boyfriend's blazer [or somebody's boyfriend blazer lol -i kid] and sick heels w. sick embellishments - that'll make the healthiest person S I C K!!


I'm patiently counting the days.

**The above look was one that I put together, using Polyvore. My lil sis Aly was my inspiration. She recently purchased a Fiona Paxton necklace for $60. ..I know, I am also gaggin'. ...&& if you're unfamiliar with the price points of such an accessory...they're a pretty penny or 3[hundred]. NUTS**

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