Friday, January 1, 2010

I don't know about you guys, but I had a blast last night!

I brought in the new year @ the W Hotel with a creative bunch but the best of the bunch was of course my friendsies Mali and Roman [not photographed].
I really enjoyed their company and I hope the feeling's mutual.
Smiles were all we knew last night and that's what made the evening most grand!
While we sat in the lobby, taking pics and trying to figure out our next move, we got a HUGE kick out of the other party-goers who were drunk out of their minds. It's disgusting to see a sloppy drunk, which we were spared. ..The funniest thing ever has to be, seeing those who have clearly exceeded their limits, try to state otherwise with a barely straight face and walk.
...Post giggles, we were hungry and found a sweet pizza spot that just opened up called Pizza Bash NYC. It's extremely cute inside, the employees are nice and the pizza is so thin that it almost melts in your mouth. DE-LICIOUS!

I feel as if I started 2010 on a good note, with great energy that emanated from great people.

...can't wait to WORK! & I mean that both figuratively and literally.

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