Thursday, November 26, 2009

Kain Label at ShopStyle
We all have our obsessions in life. When it comes to personal style, these four are at the top of my list.
1. A lightweight T-shirt (black/grey/white)
2. Dark Denim (blue/black)
3. A Pair of Black Booties <3
4. A Plum Colored Pout
I live for comfortability, so adding a light-weight tee to my wardrobe makes perfect sense.
You can dress it up or you can dress it down [who doesn't like versatility??].
Usually when I wear my tee, [which is usually as soooon as I wash clothes lol] I like to pair it with a pair of skinny jeans, preferably black or dark blue. My legs are already freakishly long, but with a pair of [dark] skinny denim and black booties, they appear to be even longer ;)
(I may be too shy to model but that won't stop me from looking the part)
As for my Plum Colored Pout!
I've just discovered, today, how compatible my lips are with this shade of lipstick. I was rummaging through mommy's make-up box with hopes of finding a dark lipstick and WHAM! ..there it was.
Prior to trying it out, I sort of had a feeling that we'd connect, seeing as though the lighter shades usually made my full lips look even more fluffy than they really were ...& uh, I'd rather not look like I've been injected w. Botox. (-_-
...SO, those are my usual GO-TO's. ...What are yours?

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