Monday, November 30, 2009

...So, I had a GREAT 4-day weekend, which included a fun-filled, tummy-stuffed Thanksgiving.

For the first time, my mom and I entertained at our place of 2yrs. & it felt good. We spent the holiday with family and friends, plenty of food and the bubbly stuff ;).

Highlight of Thursday: My Nana randomly mentions that she wants to hear Jay-Z -Empire State of Mind, because he "talks about her drug". we're like what drug?! ..Honestly, I didn't know what to expect because as far as I'm concerned..the only drug Jay talks about is that "Lindsay Lohan" ..if you know what I mean. ...But she raps the line "the city never sleeps, better slip you an ambien" (0_o) ...I almost died. lmaoo - I was baffled. & then she throws up the Roc sign. *coffin*

..Friday came and I got a call from a close friend of mine at 5am. Usually, I'd be cursing out whoever's disturbing my sleep at such a time but I wasn't cursing OR sleeping - so it worked out for the both of us. Prior to his call I was tweeting about heading out for the Black Friday sales and unbeknownst to me, he went. It was 6am and for the first time in my life, I was out, in the city to shop before the sun came up. I couldn't believe myself, but the experience was cool. The sales weren't the greatest but we enjoyed each other's company so that made up for it all.

Highlight of Friday: ;) Never To Be Announced.

Can you say Saturday?!...For the first time in a long time, I went to church w. my good friend Malika and I really enjoyed myself. So much, that I actually want to go back next week. No, I'm not Seventh-Day Adventis, but there's one God so what does it matter.

While at church, Malika got a text from a friend of hers about a Penthouse Party at the W Hotel, and seeing as though we had zero plans, we jumped on that. The initial plan was for us to go alone, but we ran into Christine, who was on her way home from work but we convinced her to come out with us. We got there, it wasn't what we expected, but within a few minutes, it turned into a champagne popping w. a side of laughter kinda night. we had FUN!

Highlight of Saturday: The entire day was actually a blast.

By the time Sunday approached, I was beat! I did manage to get up for my nail date w. Malika. Before then, she'd never gotten her nails done. It was so funny watching her and the nail tech interact. She wouldn't relax her hand so the nail tech kept shaking her hand trying to release the tension. It was time!

I loved my weekend. I need more of these.

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