Thursday, April 26, 2012

Writings on the wall: Got The Mind & The Muscle.

People have been asking me, left and right, "What's up with your jeans!?" "Are you still making them?"
My answer then, would always be that "I'm taking a break, just gathering inspiration from every where."
But I really wasn't inspired by much of anything. Which is why I stopped making them in the first place.
My head was occupied with soo many things that executing my ideas became one of my biggest struggles. 
& then it got to a point where I didn't have any feeling re: my denim. 
& I'm passionate about everything that I do, creatively.
It became a lost art, in my world. little bubble.

...But then I came to Virginia Beach
Which is like a rehabilitation clinic for the fast living artist. 

After about a week or so, I was convinced that this was the Twilight Zone. 
I did NOTHING whatsoever for about a month. x_x
I woke up, I ate, I slept. ...I'd read if I was in the mood but that was rare. 

I thought A Lot!
 Surprisingly, more about my denim than anything. about how I planned to make it FRESH this time around. 
I was inspired by the fact that Virginia has NO style. At all. From what I've seen. 
As Oprah would say, that was my Aha! moment. I could provide a fun & very useful service.
I started to feel colorful again. & I fed that by buying a few magazines, Making notes of things that I'd like to incorporate into my designs. Visualizing, constantly.

Then yesterday, I played around with a pair of my favorite blue jeans, and turned them into this. 

These are LIGHT. ..compared to what I have in mind for you guys. 
But it felt good to finally get my hands dirty again after such a long hiatus. 

The have a celestial look about them. ..something like a  Starburst Galaxy
My designs are never calculated, so no two jeans will ever be alike. 



Addie said...

yayy! I'm so happy you found that spark again! good luck w/ everything! xo!

Δяяe Lee said...

thx Addie! :)

Ra'chel (prononounced Raquel) said...

I love this I always feel inspired when I read your blog

Δяяe Lee said...

thanks Rocky! ..I always aim to inspire. I'm happy you like xx