Monday, April 30, 2012

Site Seeing: "Freedom of Expression through Personal Style"

Style Like U is without a doubt, your favorite style site's FAVORITE style site. 
Don't ask how I know, just accept that I'm hip.

When you log on, you're entering a realm. An online art gallery ...filled with an array of fun closets and people with unique personalities, and stories. 
It isn't a world that's solely focused on "Fashion Folk". You know, the "I eat, breathe, sleep and occasionally shit FASHION" folk. it isn't that deep. Which I love.
Style Like U is all about the art of dressing.
& basically showcases individuals who all have an affinity for finding and wearing unique pieces. 
You'll learn, if you haven't already, that fashion isn't limited to one type of person. 

After viewing several videos, I thought it'd be great to share the Life and Style of Lyfe Silva. 
I loved her energy, her head-wraps and beautiful accessories. 
& the fact that, for a brief moment, I was able to connect with my love once more.
New Yaaawk. Bay-Beeee.


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