Saturday, March 24, 2012

Styled: Boyfriend's Jean. Girlfriend's Blouse.

Was thinking "Big Moves" when I made this. 

The outfit isn't necessarily meant to compliment the thought but, it is. 
I fell in love with the crossover denim and didn't want to do without the poppy colored top so ...why not wear them both!?

Due to its size, the waist of the jean drops a bit. it a baggy crotch. 
The top's over-sized. Silk. & falls to perfection. ..But we're gonna tuck in the front just a little bit - to add volume. 

Everything else's a piece of pie
Slip on your Kirkwood's, play with the pant leg a little bit, keep the effortless scrunch. 
& you're off. 
Ready for day-time play.

The animation represents an optional accessory. 
I kind of like the idea of a silk, black, headband being tied around the head in a turban like way.
Starting high on the forehead. 

It's up to you.

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