Friday, February 3, 2012

Writings on the wall: I BRUSH my hair back and forth!

So I JUST got the news! 
Willow Smith has a B A L D Y O_O

My uncle sent me a text me saying "did you know, Willow Smith cut her hair like yours?"
 ...I LIT UP!. 
I think she is such a beautiful girl. 
& I love that she is so secure within herself ..that she can easily make these decisions without a care. ..When I was her age, my ponytails were everything! 
Cutting my hair would have NEEEVER...{you already know}

This is a different time, however. & I wasn't exposed to dramatic buzz cuts as a child, anyway. 
But still, she does not need hair to define who she is and I love her for knowing that. 
I'm excited.

& even more so because, when I had my mo'hawk was actually her who inspired it. 
I literally woke up, saw a pic of her and Jaden ...went to Twitter to see if they agreed {was gon' do it anyway} ...hopped my butt up, went to the barber and told them to lose the sides. 

My hair changes like the weather. ..I'm always looking for different ways to express myself. 
Going bald, was unfathomable even when I had my mo'hawk ..but look at me now. :) 
My hair was once my greatest accessory. ...and the smidgen that I have ..still is. 

#BALDpower!!! lol

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