Sunday, January 29, 2012

Writings on the wall: Cleaning Out and Cleaning Up!

This week has been quite interesting
The stars are obviously aligned in my favor and I'm liking it a lot. ^.^
-- but I didn't come here to boast.--
I actually came by to vent about the madness that is my wardrobe. 

While rummaging through my mess of a closet the other day, I decided that pretty much everything had to go. I was beginning to take longer than ever to find outfits and I'd finally figured out why. -- I'd been stuffing my closet with a bunch of ..shxt, ugh!. One hitter quitters! [fits that were great for ONE night, and would never make me feel that fabulous again --They were like ...Cinderella dresses and glass slippers. Absolutely AMAZING ..up until 11:59pm.] & that just won't work. It makes no sense to me how someone with soo much style does NOT have the nec. pieces one needs to pull their 'normal' everyday life together. --I can't be in party mode 24/7. I have a day job. One that doesn't involve strobe lights and hookah. When I'm clocked in, I'm Tierra Lee. 
..not GO-GO Girl Arre. 

But you see.. my eyes are bigger than my closet rack. I have a huuuge appetite for clothes. & I guess it doesn't help to be exceptionally great at convincing myself that I need something. 

[Mila and Fire]

:-\ Its just that..The easy, everyday, pieces don't make me salivate nearly as much as it's polar opposites. 
I love neon, short denim shorts, all things studded and festive and anything that highlights my legs!!!..etc.
-- but there needs to be a balance. 
I get it. -_-

So I'm letting go and starting over. 

Before I set off to work on Friday, I packed up as much as I could carry into my very functional Urban Outfitters shopping bag [kudos to them!] ..and cabbed it to Beacon's Closet once I got off --to sell a bunch of my trash and collect someone else's. :) I swear people give away the best things - I hope they feel the same about me. -- I'll show you pictures soon. I got two really awesome coats and a jacquard printed jacket which happens to be a great piece for all seasons. I'm good on denim. I'm really just looking for items that give a pinch of sophistication but a whole lot of Me. Unique pieces. Mostly tops ..and dresses.One of a kind, transitional staples. ...& then I'll peek @ H&M and Zara and see what they can do.  *rolls eyes*

..Shopping, smart, is too much work. 

There should at least be tequila shots @ Check Out. 

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