Saturday, September 10, 2011

Style Stalker: Everything that glitters ain't Gold

As we pulled up to Pranna, before heading over to Duo, I saw miss stylish up above standing around outside. I instantly fell in love with her look. She's serving!
Ombre Hair: if only I had a bob.
Metallic Pewter Dress: I looove a little sparkle in the NYC nightlife. 
It adds, immensely, to the glitz & glamour.
Shoe Game: Lita. [Jeffrey Cambell's Lita ...if your nasty]
I took her picture specifically for you guys, ...thought it'd be great style-spiration. 

..what are your thoughts?


lyss said...

She looks great. That's Preity. Her blog is called fashion solace. Based on what I've seen on your blog, I think you both have similar styles

Tuesdai Noelle said...

In all honesty, I hate the shoes they don't match that outfit--not even in the creatively-oddest-most-brilliant-way to me. Must be those socks. . . then again I prefer "order and glamour" when it comes to fashion. I had my share of "crazy fashion" back in my teen years; pop art stockings and blue lipstick are DONE for me :)

Arre Lee said...

Yea, I loved her fit as soon as I spotted it. Thanks for letting me know that she's a fellow blogger - I sent her an email.