Monday, August 15, 2011

Style-Spirations | Alexandria Hilfiger

I feel as if I've met my twin flame in fashion. 
I've grown to love culture. I've always been into different languages. Spanish, especially. 
But fashion wise, I've recently gotten sucked into India, Africa, and traditional Asia. 
..which would explain the earthy side of me. 
I connect with her free spirit and love for these same things. 

We shared space, once, @ NYFW ..backstage at the C. Ronson show. 
Interestingly enough, I attended that show with my very own Aly. 
My friend/lil sis Alyssa. 
Fun Times! 


Anonymous said...

Awww...I remember her and her bff had a reality show together back in the day. Do you remember?

Arre Lee said...

yeaa lol, I didn't love her much then. She's grown on me