Monday, January 24, 2011

Fashion File | Brandon Kendal Jerald Boston

...Because MEN need love too 

What do you do?
I'm currently the Photographer / Web Production Assistant for Dolce Vita Footwear Inc.

What are your favorite fashion blogs?

What are you wearing?
My trench is JCrew, Saint James for JCrew Nautical Tee, GAP Chambray Work shirt, Levi's vintage dark denim Jeans, Casio Watch from In God We Trust, J.D. Fisk cap toe boots & red framed Aviators by Marc Jacobs.

Style Mantra:
Million Man March [those words influence my way of pairing pieces]
Classic but Timeless.

Life Mantra:
I am in-tune with the spirit of others from any walk of life because i am the spirit.

One song that exemplifies your style:
Janelle Monae's BaBopByeYa

Someone you look up to & Why?
I look up to my mother, because she made me a believer of who I am and what I can do.

What drives you creatively?
My empathic nature. when I see things I feel them as well.

If you could wear one thing everyday, what would it be? & Why?
The one thing I do wear every day is my father's chain and to be honest I would rather be naked and have nothing than to be without it.

I feel my best when:
I feel at my best when others around me feel their best! [that damn empathic nature again!]

In your past life you were:
A humble King we love Mr. Boston or what!? ;)


Anonymous said...

yess! i love it

Anonymous said...

damm. we do love : )

Flawless said...

Mr. Boston can I have your autograph ? I'm your biggest fan !!!