Sunday, January 23, 2011

BEYond Beautiful.Your Are more than your exterior. & worth EVERYTHING.

"Bey's no Broken Hearted Girl.."

Imagine a world where all women knew their worth
Why is it that other people tend to know your value before you do? 
Even strangers can sense it. & you're YOU, everyday.
Lacking a deep sense of self. 
Making it easy for the predator to mark his prey.
&& predators, with their keen senses are only a step away.  
Because many of  us find it hard to believe that the world can be handed to us on a silver platter.
We so comfortably stay where it's being thrown on our laps like slop.
Reckless with our hearts. So eager to leave it with folks who are incapable of handling it. it breaks. 
We lose who were were. & are often left with zero clue of who we are. 

Only to play the role of The Broken Hearted. 

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