Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dear Diary | Woe Is Me

Today: Heavy rain and strong winds. Normally, this would appease me but I feel trapped. I completely forgot that I sat my umbrella on the floor of the train and mindlessly walked off without it. *Looks outside* I guess it doesn't matter any, seeing as if I would have gone outside it couldn't have saved me. I want cupcakes though. I haven't baked in a while and days like this are all about baking, books and blog posts. Too bad I won't feel this passionate about fulfilling my craving tomorrow. The sun will be out. & I'm hoping to be out as well. I've been on a mean job hunt, all over the city. Like literally, alll over the city. It does me lots of good though. Soon I won't even need HopStop.  I'll know where everything is [What train connects to this train] etc. etc. [false joy].

I guess since my original plan was canceled due to this random hurricane, I'll finish up my book
Stay Dry!!

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