Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dear Diary | My Daily Love

Today, like everyday, I received a daily email from Mastin Kipp [the founder of The Daily Love]. 
Some days his daily inspiration is simply that. Inspirational. But on days like today they're more prolific than anything else. It's more than a daily boost. It becomes a vitamin for life - especially when you're made to feel as if you guys had a conversation about whatever it is that you're feeling. I'm not a total sap but I swear I've cried once while reading one of his emails. Sometimes those closest to you don't have the words and when someone you don't even know clearly understands - it can be a bit overwhelming. 

Today's "Mastin Says" posed questions for you to ask yourself before the new year arrives to sort of give you a head start on making it one of the best. If that's in your plans. 
It's definitely in mine. I mean honestly, it's my only plan. 

& these are my answers. 

1. What are you MOST happy with about 2010? What good things happened? What are you proud of most and why?

I am most happy with my level of growth. I feel I've made nice with the idea of 'goodbye'. Every year people come and go but this year was different seeing as though everyone who left meant a great deal to me at one point - and depending on the person, that can make you or break you. It made me stronger. & more open to the fact that nothing is set in stone except the dates on your tomb and I'm not ready for that kind of security. I'd much rather let go of anything that proves to be unhealthy. 

I've noticed that with letting go, you open the gates of abundance. Things, often great things, begin pouring in. I severed ties with someone in June and was presented with someone greater in July. It was so quick and bizarre that I kept it a secret from my friends for a good while. Who I became with this person has to be one of the greatest things that happened to me in 2010. My level of ambition sky-rocketed, I became more expressive, I've done things, though small, that I've never done and I've learned more about myself than ever before. & towards the end, I gained a strong sense of fearlessness. I've never been super "balls out" with my thoughts and emotions and now you can't shut me up. If I feel strongly about it, I'm going to express myself. My feelings are worth being heard. 

& with that said I am most proud of the fact that I now know more than ever, your feelings are yours to have and aren't meant to be shared. You're only lucky if they are. & with knowing this, I can express myself without regret. Which is usually an issue when you dig deep and pour it all out. & I'm good for a down pour but I'm no longer sad when I don't get the response that I would've once hoped for. I no longer hope for anything in particular. I can't teach my heart how to love and teach someone else's heart how to receive. Unless they're willing to learn. & though lack of reception is heart breaking ...my only goal is to let whoever I care for know, continuously, that I care whenever I feel the urge to. & with time, because they'll never forget, it'll help to make them better. 

2. What sucked about last year and why? What mistakes did you make? What would you do differently? What would you never want to do again? (This isn't to beat yourself up, it's to get an honest assessment of the last year).

I honestly had a great year though I could complain about many things, to be honest. But that would surely stunt the same growth that I talked about in the first paragraph. This year has been consistently interesting. It's been filled with surprises, tears and lots of laughs. Lots of creativity. I've fallen a few times but my ability to get back up like nothing ever happened marvels me. I'd do nothing different. If I were to tweak one thing in my timeline of 2010 - I probably would've done great things but what about all of the other fun stuff that I never want to forget? I might not have done those. So everything stays as is. I'm grateful.

3. What new rituals are you wiling to commit to in 2011 to get the results you want? What new habits will you form to take your life to the next level? 

I want to expand on this fearlessness and take lots of risks. I only have one life to live. & I mean, take risks toward starting my career, risks in love, risks in self improvement. Basically doing things that I've never done to go somewhere that I've never been. When an opportunity knocks I want to have already anticipated it's arrival with an open door and packed bag. I am willing to do my part as far as reaching out to friends and family because I am horrible [HORRIBLE] at staying in touch. & these people care. I shouldn't have to be chased when I have a perfectly fine hand [2 to be exact]. I am willing to surround myself with those who are where I want to be. Those who think on my level and those who supercede that. I find that to be the best way to learn. I am willing to throw up my 2's without hesitation to anything and anyone that's going to hinder my growth. I am willing to be so sure about who I am and what I want that I'll never settle for less than what I've always dreamed of in friendship, companionship, partnership, whatever. One thing I know about myself is that I am a very loving person with a huge heart. I will go above and beyond to make those closest to me happy and I deserve the same thing. I am intelligent, funny, compassionate, and insightful. I am honest. & I am strong. I have a knack for creativity and to throw some sprinkles on this cake, I am quite stylish ;) ..I feel I come with wonderful attributes. On a normal day I am modest [but now's not the time]. These are the things that I want to make a habit of remembering NOW and beyond 2011. Only then can I successfully take my life to the next level. 

 I think everyone should try their hands at these questions. It's a good way to self-reflect. 

& when doing so, Mastin says: 

Be honest with yourself. Celebrate your successes in 2010, be truthful about the failures and then COMMIT to new habits and rituals in 2011 that will take your life to the next level.
Make your move. Your time is now. 


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