Thursday, October 7, 2010

Beauty | The Drama Mama - Pat McGrath

As I began to search for inspiration for today's post, I flicked through my Teen Vogue Handbook and went with the first thing that caught my eye. It was the work of Pat McGrath, the end-all be-all of make-up artistry. There's probably only a handful of top designers, photographers and fashion magazines that she hasn't worked with and if that doesn't peak your interest - the fact that she's almost entirely self taught should definitely raise a brow or two. 

I love make-up (on an art over beauty level) but unfortunately I don't have a steady hand for it. I can blot my shine and color my pout but that's as far it goes for me so I am always uber intrigued by those who can effortlessly and almost literally create a totally different face. Just as Pat taught herself, I'm sure I can too. & if you share my struggles, you can as well. I tend not to wear heavy makeup but I'd love to beat someone else's mug into all types of fabulous.

Pat first realized she wanted to become a makeup artist when she was in high school. "People would approach me  on the street to say how much they liked the makeup I was wearing. That's when I realized I could do makeup for a living." & not only does she do make-up for a living, she is the Creative/Design Director for Procter & Gamble Beauty (one of the world's largest beauty companies: it owns Cover Girl and Max Factor).


"Loving make-up is crucial to being a great make-up artist. But having innovative ideas and thinking outside the box are what will set you apart from the rest of the pack."
When asked to name things that inspire her ability to create a very diverse range of looks, Pat exclaimed that she gets her ideas from everything around her "books, films, TV, history, photographs, art exhibitions, nightlife, travel, fashion and nature."

Each show season she uses: 
* 42 Make-up Artists [on her team]
* 12 Hotel Rooms
* 55 Bags Of Make-up
* 20 Bags Of Reference Books And Images
* 822 Pairs Of False Eyelashes
* 42 Different Eyeliner Pencils
* 56 Bottles Of Foundation
* 18 Types Of Facial And Body Moisturizer
* 21 Packs Of 100-Count Make-up Wipes

"For a Quick Fix, wear mascara, put light concealer on dark under-eye circles, and apply color on at least one feature: the eyes, cheeks or lips. You'll look instantly vibrant!" -Pat McGrath

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Miss ED said...

Thanks for this one, I've never worn makeup as a regular thing and it's funny to admit but I would not have figured out that little tip on my own. Also, those numbers are *insane*