Friday, September 17, 2010

Style Spotlight | Daphne Guinness

"I’m not a serious person. I’m not kind of “Oh gosh, I’m so cool.” I’m very, very relaxed."

So I've noticed, I'm always inspired to do a Style Spotlight whenever I come across someone who is as free spirited as I am (when it comes to dressing up). *shrug* ..what can I say? I love a radical. I'm excited by extremists. They're fun & carefree. Sort of Hippy-ish. Very seldom label obsessed and all about painting a picture. ...quite like myself.

Fashion to me, has absolutely nothing to do with the who's who behind my RL tee or Pour La Victoir shoes. If I could get anything from the Marc Jacobs S/S11 collection - [sewn to perfection] from Rainbow or Conway. I'd gladly oblige. It's about the art. & I am the canvas. I role play. It's like being in school for 8 hrs, and your only class for the day is Drama.

I decided to shine some light on Daphne Guinness post reading her interview with New York magazine and gawking at her photos because I believe we share the same sentiments. One being, "Why So Serious..?

Guinness is an Irish brewery heiress who is prominent in the fashion world as a style icon, journalist, and noted collector of haute couture. According to she belongs to a tradition of thoroughly outre fashion fiends, like Isabella Blow or the Italian avant-gardist Anna Piaggi or kooky cult icon Iris Apfel (the 88 year old New Yorker with the saucer-size glasses). She's both a fabulous customer for designers, known to buy every piece in her size when she becomes enthusiastic about a collection, and also a creative force, an artist in her own right. 

"I grew up in an artists' colony near Barcelona with Salvador Dali and the Surrealists, so my dress sense is very colored by my youth. Everybody knew that Dali was the most crazy; you'd go to his house and he would lobsters in his pool. Anything went, clothes-wise. You could wear whatever you wanted any time of the day, so people would wear evening clothes at breakfast time, simple Catalan shoes and hats, lots of brightly colored hippy kaftans, and a lot of French, tailored outfits."

"One of the problems with modern fashion is that people change all the time. There are very few people who keep their look through thick and thin – the Duchess of Windsor did. Years ago women had to make things last and clothes weren’t disposable – they couldn’t just go out and buy another thing."

Daphne's definitely a woman of consistency. I've searched through, what had to be,  hundreds of her pictures and she has forever stayed true to her image. When I look at her, a comment that a friend made about my style comes to mind. I was told that I could possibly be someone who other people dressed up as for Halloween. I was also told not to take offense to it but I mean, c'mon. You don't take something like that in and think - "O gee, thanks!". I get it now. I look at Daphne and think the exact same thing. Her look is so much HERS that it could be mimic'd and quite easily pin-pointed. Lol, I guess I can live with that. 

When asked by, about her morning assembling regimen Daphne replied, that she gets dressed "by a wing and a prayer. If you look very carefully, mainly it’s the same thing and I re-accessorize it. Or I have the same jacket made again and again. Or I’ll have a sparkly coat or I’ll just have a new pair of shoes. It’s pretty easy, actually. 

This 'fit gives: modern & very stylish Hell Raiser.


Fashionista of the Future said...

LOVE HER STYLE! Very inspirational.

Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

I believe we met during NY fashion week (at least i just went to the site off the card i received there) keep doing your thing, i enjoyed your site.

Tierra/aRRe said...

Yes, we did! Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed your site also.