Thursday, August 5, 2010

B E A U T Y | Vashtie Kola

The 90s. A decade of baggy clothes and fat corn rows. Hip Hop and Tierra Lee [jokes]. 
 I was of course a youngster during these years, growing up, having fun & was pretty oblivious to many of its trends. As a kid, none of that concerned me. 

But I've done my homework, and I now have an appreciation for many things encompassing this time. This hair trend, donned by [artist, director, designer etc. etc.] Vashtie Kola, happens to be one. 

Before I cut my hair, I played with the idea of getting really long box braids [super skinny though]. & Even after cutting my hair, I still lust for this look and have decided that it will be my go to hairstyle whenever I decide to grow out my hawk. I have no idea when that'll be, seeing as though I've fallen deep in love with it. ...Just thinking forward. 

Anyway, Good Call for Vashtie!!
She's giving me Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice.

[Vashtie pictured w. recording artist Theophilus London]

Sidenote: I wiki'd Vashtie's name and uhh, according to the birth year given - she's 33. 
Are you choking?, yea. I'm astonished. 



Patrice said...

wow are you serious? she definitely looks 16. anyway cute post, i love her!


France said...

Yess I thnk she is so pretty... You should go for it with the braids that would be kool... got me thinking about it lol my mom used to do box braids in my hair as a child often...

Tierra/aRRe said...

Thanks Patrice ;)

I mostly wore a braided up-do whenever I did get my hair braided - I love this style tho, especially when they're long!

Jessica said...

She is the epitome of the saying "Black don't crack" lol She's beautiful!