Thursday, July 22, 2010

Who's That Girl | Lola Maxwell

Lola Maxwell is a 20 something emcee from Washington DC.
Today I found myself intrigued by her sound, with The Black Madonna on repeat as I worked on other posts. [wanna do the math? ...I've been writing since 12 and the song's a good 4 minutes long. O_o ...I know lol]

This is something I can imagine hearing at a party with a bunch of well dressed guys and girls - drinks in one hand - snaps coming from the other. ..or maybe the other's in the air. ...either way, I envision a good time being had.

share your thoughts!


Dessinatrice said...

This I like. Definitely the type of sound I'm into for the summer, gotta look more into this girl.

Tierra/aRRe said...

we have a good amount in common ;) ...this is totally the vibe of music that I'm into. It's chill but fun!