Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Free Lohan!!! [from herself]

Lindsay Lohan has been tied to two DUI incidents and has found herself in three drug rehabilitation facilities - all before the age of 24. Is that not sad? ..I think Lindsay's a very talented girl and because of this, I feel there should be no free-beez given while she's in jail. At this point, she's in dire need of a good lesson! & this bothers me because one would hope that jail would be the place to turn her around but I'm far from a believer. She needs to do a full 90 days [which she won't]. & on top of this, they're allowing her to have prescription drugs as if this isn't the reason she's there in the first place. Ambien and Adderall? Sleeping pills & Speed? Seriously? <_<

I've worked with someone who was hooked on Adderall, which was also prescribed to him. He took 900 mgs a day [that's pretty much equivalent to death]. Without the medicine he seemed to be really slow, sad - just weird. He needed attention allll the time. & whenever he did take it, he was doing too many things at once - cleaning the floor while simultaneously folding shirts and standing on one arm. < total exaggeration but that's an example of how hyper one gets. It's disgusting. 

According to reports, Lindsay had a fit while in the courtyard of Century Regional Detention Facility because she was being taunted by other inmates who kept calling her "Fire Crotch". Because of her outburst of screams and tears, she was put in isolation. - Call me mean, but she'd have to sit there. Lindsay needs tough love. 

She has too much to lose. & this is not the way to give it all up.
You are indeed what you are, Lady Loh. You're talented and intelligent - this new you, will not suffice.
& your mom needs to be your manager, solely. Let me be your mom lol. She has yet to convince me that she's qualified for the gig. 

Dear Warden, ..Dead the perks! & throw away the key! 
-Loving Fan

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