Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rihanna - ELLE [July 2010] Cover Shoot

There was a time when I'd follow Rihanna's every move. ...for 'fit purposes only but still, her every move? ..that's a bit much. ..She was a close friend in my head, but lately we've been keeping our distance. She works. I work. Life happens.

I found this 'behind the scenes' video of her ELLE [July 2010] cover shoot which left me swooning. I looove the fits. & as always, she's giving good Attitude. < I say this with a fierce wag of the finger. ;)

Dear Rih, 
Let's do lunch. ..on me! 


Tessa said...

I always said she should be a full time model because she cant sing...thats my opinion. Shes a gorgeous girl and the camera loves her and she'd do well in that department #justsaying
...and that balmain dress she's wearing is everything to me (monica's voice) lol

Tierra/aRRe said...

lol, I agree w. you. ...When she first started out I feel her voice was way better [thinking back to seeing her live performances] ...but now, not so much. - She seems to cater more to the hype of her 'look' rather than her vocals. [my opinion] ..but modeling would def. suit her. She has the height and she's fierce!