Thursday, May 6, 2010

Music | Drake : Find Your Love

This guy may have zero swag when in front of a camera but that is NOT the case when he's behind the mic. "Find Your Love" [produced by Kanye West] is Drake's second single from his upcoming album Thank Me Later and also my new favorite song. 

I just downloaded it two days ago and I'm sure I've played it more than 50 times already. But it's hard not to when it literally gives you a rush of energy. & this 'energy' is not comparable to the effects of a Lil John song [lol] - I mean energy in a motivational sense. 

In the song he's speaking of love but oddly, I didn't take his lyrics literally. He says "I took a chance with my heart/ & I feel it taking over. [hook] I better find your loving/I better find your heart/ I bet if I give all my love then nothing's gonna tear us apart" - I heard that and thought of me taking a chance at what I loved [career wise], putting my all into it and thinking - I'm giving you my heart and time ..I only want to find that you love me the same. 

& that would be the reason why this song is in heavy rotation. 
I feel as if my passions do love me back! & it's only a matter of time before we wed.

I'm more than just an option. REFUSE to be forgotten!

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Cocaine Renegade said...

I can def. relate..