Monday, April 19, 2010

Prom Time Tips - Teen Vogue Style

As a teen, in highschool, the only two things you truly anticipate are Prom and Graduation. 
Well, seeing as though I loved school, graduating was the least of my worries so I guess the only two things that I anticipated was Prom and what I'd be wearing before & after.

May's approaching and if I remember well, this is the time of year where the battle between mom and daughter commences. This usually has alot to do with young ladies opting for either a short, super tight  or short and super tight dress. I mean, everyone doesn't want to be a princess lol. ..But it is definitely important for mom's to get with the times [trends included]  so that they're able to provide equally popular alternatives for their daughters that will satisfy them both. 

The video below, featuring Psychologist Jennifer Hartstein and Editor in Chief of Teen Vogue, Amy Astley 
dissects the conflicts and also provides great examples of classic prom time styles to aid parents in finding prom-appropriate dresses for their teens. 

[photo not taken by me]

The third prom style example is being modeled by my lovely friend Aly F. of
She recently landed an internship @ Teen Vogue and was asked to participate in this segment on The CBS Early Show. 

We aren't that far in age but I look at her as my lil' sis & I am so proud of her! 


Anonymous said...

I'm so lucky I didn't have to go through this, I was in school in a different country from my parents so I picked out my own dress!

Cocò said...

Oh wow! Amazing! Really interesting post! Vogue teen it's fabulous! I follow you ;D! Xoxo