Saturday, March 6, 2010

Style Spotlight: The Chic Muse | Denni

While reading one of my favorite blogs - STYLE SCRAPBOOK - I stumbled upon The Chic Muse which is another cool fashion and style blog, ran by the lovely Denni. 

After checking out her site, I found myself falling for her sense of style. She has a very unique way of pairing her pieces, and the buns?! ...I am such a sucker for buns. [currently missing my own]. A perfect or messy bun can sometimes turn out to be the best accessory for your ensemble. [as shown below]

[Carine Roitfield & Denni]

[Denni w. Anna Dello Russo]

...I couldn't imagine her look being punctuated in any other way. 

& In case you're wondering, [which I'm sure you are lol] her shoes are Marc Jacobs!

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